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Danish Kroner Coins

Cash Management

Understanding cash flow is crucial for any business, as it is the lifeblood of the company. We can assist founders in planning and forecasting their business cash flow using top tools and approaches. Our service includes developing short-term cash flow projections, such as weekly or monthly, as well as long-term cash flow projections (annual or even 3-5 years). This helps companies take appropriate actions at the right time to make sure they never run out of money as they scale. We can also prepare historical cash flow statements to help companies understand where their money has gone and how it has been used.

Our cash flow management service enables companies to:

  • anticipate changes in their cash needs,

  • obtain the maximum return on idle cash,

  • identify the best sources to meet additional cash needs, and

  • be prepared to meet those needs when they arise.

Debtors & Creditors Management

By proactively managing debtors and creditors, companies can avoid cash flow shortages. Managing debtors and creditors involves assessing their balances and adjusting payment terms to reduce the working capital cycle. This should be done as part of monthly management accounts to ensure a healthy balance sheet. By working with us, companies can avoid stressful cash flow situations and build financial processes that will help them remain cash flow positive long into the future.

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